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Frequently Asked Questions

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IT Advisory

We provide IT advisory related to implementation of new systems which our clients have already decided to go for or to purchase a new IT product or a service to help their businesses. 

The time taken to complete the service depends on the type of advisory or assistance require. Our IT Advisory services are of two types - One-time or Period based. One-time service gives advice for a specific project, whereas Period-based advisory gives you constant support for a certain period of time.

Fee for IT Advisory is not fixed. It depends on the size of the project and the expertise required. You can pay for this service by bank transfer, once we issue the invoice either  before the service for a one time service or monthly / yearly for period based service.


With our ZOOPER Website Build Process, we are able to create quality websites with uncompromised satisfaction in a very short period of time. We can expect (provided we receive complete website content and all its graphics) Small websites can be ready within a couple of weeks, and a medium size websites take around a month or month and a half. Large websites require more time according to the project size.

ZOOPER Fast has the industry leading simple payment terms. We collect 50% of the amount on Contract signing, 25% before moving the site on the company domain and 25% at the time of sharing the website credentials.

You can find all our Website Plans and Packages in our e-Brochure. We also provide custom plan and package for customers who has different needs apart from what we provide in our regular plans and packages.

For a detailed ZOOPER Website design process, please visit [Approach].


The minimum number of email users for the subscription of our Standard Email Packages is 10 and the minimum number of email users for the subscription of the Enterprise Packages is 20.

We charge Email Management fee only for the number of Users / E-mail IDs that you will subscribe. Please send us an enquiry about your requirements at [Enquiries] page and we will contact you with the estimated fee.

ZOOPER Fast can fulfil Email setup service within 2* to 5* days according to the number of Users subscribed.

* This time duration is only for fresh e-mails service setup and not for email migration service.

Yes, ZOOPER Fast can provide additional storage for specific users in your subscription plan. However, respective additional storage charges will be added to your base plan subscription.

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